About Us

Making a Better Car Show Board.

Dodge Dakota Car Show Board

When we started making car show boards, we were just starting out in the world of car shows.  We put a lot of work into our 98 Dodge Dakota, and we wanted to share everything that we put into our truck… because not all of it was visible and the amount of people we wanted to thank was too many!  We wanted to put it all out there…. but to have a hand-painted sign made was out of the question, because the truck was changing constantly!

We had a lot of graphic design experience, but putting it into a car show board that would last seasons and not shows was the challenge.  We talked with sign makers, suppliers, and most importantly fellow car guys to see what they were looking for in a show board!  And in all honesty, there were several versions of our show board… but every one got better and better!  And now after 15+ years, we’re proud to put the very same quality show boards in front of your car!

Buick Riviera Show Board

What makes us better than the other car show board makers is that we make our own!  We don’t just design our boards and then send them out to be produced.  We want to control every aspect of the process in order to insure the highest quality show board!  From the selection of the materials, to the calibration of our printers and monitors, and even the final sign assembly… we want to use our 15+ years experience to make the best car show board!

…And we stand behind our signs with a 1 year warranty, which no other show board maker does!!