Dodge Challenger Car Show Board


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If your looking for a creative and unique way to display your car at the next show, youโ€™ve found the right place!ย 

Our car show boards are designed with the information and pictures that you want!ย  Thereโ€™s no shoe-horning your info into a preset template, or limits on how many pictures you can have.ย  Our job is to put your info on your car show board for your car!

With over 15 years experience making show boards, you can rest assured youโ€™ll have a unique part of your car show display that last seasons and not shows!ย  We make them ourselves, assuring the highest quality in construction and print quality!

โ€ฆAnd if anything does happen, weโ€™ll replace it!

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Our Show Boards

When you have us create a car show board, you are having it made by car people, who know how to make a show board that lasts seasons, not shows!

Our boards are printed on a weather resistant vinyl, laminated for maximum durability, mounted onto a 1/4in PVC board, and then edge capped to protect the edges and corners.ย  These are not cheap pieces of foamboard or thin banner materialโ€ฆ youโ€™re getting a rigid and durable show board!ย  And it comes with a stand, so it arrives at your doorstep ready for the show!

We also make our car show boards in house, so we can control every aspect of the process.ย  Most show board makers just design the show boards, and then send them out for production.ย  Sadly, they might not even see the final product!ย  But we make our boards ourselves, and they donโ€™t leave until they meet our high standards!