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Car Show Display Ideas

It's something that we think about all too often... We want to give people something new and exciting too look at, and not show the same old thing. Our hunt for car show display ideas starts to consume us!


Corvette Car Show Display

It seems in my 20+ years in doing shows coming up with great car show display ideas is one that is easily overthought, and most likely to be overdone.  I remember when the fake food on a window tray was a thing, and then those stupid crying dolls (god those were horrible!).  One guy does it, then the next guy does it, and all of a sudden it's a fad that everyone has turned into something that's overdone.

The way to really look at it is to see what you can do to put more focus on the car.  It's easy to add things in a car show display that detracts from a car, and that's the last thing you want to do.  Keep the focus on the car, and the unique features of it.  It's all about what YOU feel is important about the car... that's it!!

One of the great aspects of our car show boards is they're designed to assist a spectator or judge the car as they take in a car.  It's not meant to be the main focal point of the car show display... that's the car's job!  The show board is meant to bring up some specs, some unique features, maybe some of the car's story.

Let the car shine!!! The show board is there to let the car do just that!  That's why when you go to some of the more prestigious shows, all you'll see is the car and a show board, because they want the attention on the car!!

47 Ford Car Show Board

And yes, having mirrors and lights under the car is a great thing, IF you're wanting people to get a good glimpse of those components.  But if you've got something that REALLY makes the car special, try to put the focus on that!!

98 Dakota Car Show Board

To sum it up, the best car show display idea is to not over think it,  Put the focus on the car, and try to spotlight the unique features of it with your show board.  Over-complication is just over-compensation... it's a car show, not a car display show! 

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