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Car Show Boards

Car Show Boards

Car Show Boards for Your Car, Truck, or Bike

Over 10 Years Experience Making the Finest Car Show Boards for Your Car, Truck, or Bike!

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1. Fast & easy ordering

Ordering a custom car show board is fast and easy! Simply fill out the quote form with the information about your car, and upload an image of your car (please no facebook images).

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1. Quick turnaround

Once we receive your order, we will send you a draft your car show board via email. Once you approve the draft of your show board we will print mount, and ship your car show sign within 1-2 days of your approval!

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3. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

We've made car show boards for vehicles that have won at World of Wheels, Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals and several premiere car shows around the world. Place your order today!

Our Car Show Boards

If you're looking for a custom car show boards, Show Car Signs is your source for high quality, custom show boards for your show car, truck, or bike. Whether it's a classic, muscle, or modern car, we can design you a car show board for you! Our car show boards our totally custom, with no templates used to create your sign. Every car show sign we make is printed with a 12-color photographic printer at 300 DPI, and mounted in our custom board holders. When it comes car show boards, our show boards are best in show.

Plus, our car show boards come with a 1 year warranty against cracking, breaking, fading and bleeding! When we say we make the best car show boards available today, we back it up! We treat our customers right and we want them to have a car show board that lasts them for years! Our boards don't have any cheap retraction units that can break, or catch the wind like a sail. Our boards are made to last, and we're more than happy to back it up!!!

Why Choose Us for Your Car Show Board??

bullet 1 We design high quality, custom show boards for your show car
bullet 2 Our designers have years of experience creating the finest car show boards
bullet 3 Order a show board that will last for years to come
bullet 4 Printed with a 12-color photographic printer at 300 DPI

Check Out Our Portfolio...
2013 Durango Car Show Board 1929 Ford Car Show Sign 1932 Ford Car Show Sign 1937 Ford Car Show Sign 1968 Charger Car Show Sign 1970 Duster Car Show Sign 1974 Honda Car Show Sign 1976 Riviera Car Show Sign Camaro Z28 Show Car Sign MGB Show Car Sign AMC Rebel Show Car Sign Olds Cutlas Show Car Sign Mercury Capri Show Car Sign Jeep Show Car Sign Corvette Stingray Show Car Sign
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What Sets Our Signs Above the Rest?

  • Our Car Show Boards are Made from Thick PVC Signboard. not Flimsy Foam Board or Thin Banner Material
  • We Laminate Our Show Boards for Maximum Durability
  • Our Car Show Boards Include a Polished Aluminum Leg to Stand on It's Own
  • Can Also Be Put in One of Our A-Frames or Sign Holders
Car Show Boards on Display

Custom Car Show Boards designed specifically for your car, truck, or bike!

Our show boards are designed specifically for your car! We use your car's image, your car's info, and anything else you want to share about your car and create your custom car show board! Available in 3 sizes, our car show boards signs are printed with 12-color photo printers instead of your typical 4 color inkjet. This insures your car show board has the most vibrant colors & shows the unique details of your car.

Choose our 12x18 show boards for stock or lightly modified vehicles.... or to recognize a shop for their hard work. Our 18x24 is our most popular car show board, which is great for both stock or modified vehicles. Pretty much anything will fit! If you want to display a lot of information or images our 24x36 is the right size show board for you... plenty of room for multiple images, long modification and spec lists, or a vehicle's history.

Need some ideas on what to put on your car show board? Here's some tips

Place your order today! Pricing starts at just $99!