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Were going to be honest about something… there’s two types of car owners. There’s the competitive car owners that strive to make every detail of their car perfect and show up to every car show ready to win any award they can, and the enthusiast that enjoys driving their car and will just do the occasional car show or cruise night. Cruise nights are becoming the go-to for a lot of car owners because they’re just fun, casual events that only last an evening instead of a whole day that you would spend at a car show. And you’ll see a lot of cars with car show boards there!

A lot of people will ask if show boards are really needed for a cruise night, and the answer is yes! It’s all about presentation, whether you’re displaying your car at a car show for a day, or just a few hours at a cruise night. Having a car show display board is going to inform spectators about the specifications and unique features of your car, or simply tell the unique story of your car. A show board is going to give a glimpse into you as a owner by having a nice, neat little presentation of your car! People are going to know you not only love your car, but love it enough to want to share it with others!

So as the season rolls along and you just want to have a little fun, stopping in at a little cruise-in is a great way to get together with other gearheads and enjoy some cool cars. And when you put your car show board in front of your car, they’ll know you really are into your car! And who knows, you may attract the right person and end up with a Mayor’s Choice or Koolest Kar award!!

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